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Want the highest quality construction on PEI?
Dale Amundson
Our first challenge in building our new home on Prince Edward Island, after designing it, was to locate and secure a reputable contractor who would do good work in a timely fashion and within our budget. We began by asking everyone we knew or came into contact with for recommendations and suggestions. After getting information about several contractors who were suggested or recommended to us, we settled on two to approach for detailed scrutiny. After meeting with both and discussing extensively, we contacted references, ... (Click here for complete testimonial)

Raising the Rafters of Quality
Pete & Cindy Blanding
We have used Doc's Construction for a variety of home renovation and construction work since 1996 and wouldn't even consider using another contractor for our needs. Our home is an 1885 "Island el" farmhouse and, as all homes of that age, it has needed lots of attention to keep it functioning well. Doc's has done major work on a bathroom, made a large closet under the eaves in a bedroom, put a deck on the back of the house, dug a cellar for a small attached kitchen and put insulation and a new floor into our back porch, installed new windows in the entire house, repaired plaster and gyprock and put a new roof onto our house and our barn. In addition, they built a 12'x20' kitchen addition onto our house. This huge "dream project" included the removal of a small, attached "cook kitchen", gutting an entire dining room area in order to re-insulate, install new gyprock, wainscoting, windows and window trim and a t/g pine ceiling before ... (Click here for complete testimonial)

Measuring Up to the Highest Standards
Stephen Adams, Owner, Doc's Construction
I personally have worked at this for the last, seems like a lifetime, but only probably 30 years, which I suppose is a lifetime to some people. Both of my present employees are fully licensed carpenters, requiring no supervision, just explanation of what the project involves, then I can stand back and let them go to it. As for tools, we have all the staging possible to own, we have table saws, mitre saws of smaller size that can be easily transported, and larger more industrial style, that are home in our 30' x 30' climate controlled workshop, where we can construct cupboards, vanities, anything that pertains to wood. We also have a metal break for bending all metal applications for eaves and such. We have two fully equipped four wheel drive trucks, plus we have a storage building, measuring 30' x 60', to house all our staging and larger tool components, so they can be at our fingertips whenever necessary. (Click for more information)